Monday, 25 March 2013

Assignment 3#


This commercial popped out of my head whenever I heard word of commercial. The idea behind this commercial is how Malaysian people are really care about their family. In order not to disappoint their mom's wishes, All of her children were actually went out to the city to find cow meat for Hari Raya preparation. Her children came back from the city with living cow to show they had did their best to fulfill their mom's wishes. The concept is real life activity.


Creative people always give this world a good feeling of real creative commercial. I really fond in this commercial which made in 2011 by a genius talented producer & director, Jordan Drake. I love its idea which to show how serious they are in photography, The concept of this commercial is cinematic. The idea and concept of this commercial blend with each other very well. They act like they are in real situation of DSLR Cameras war. This epic advertisement for The Camera Store imagines what would be like if wars were fought with cameras instead of guns

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